We have several wholesale accounts (around the globe) that we love working with... mainly small functional healthcare practitioner accounts and a few mom-and-pop type nutrition stores that are as passionate as we are about ancestral living, holistic health and healing thy fellow sapien. As long as the wholesale account is small, and is in the business of really caring about people, we're happy to explore further. If the conversation turns to better margins, money and/or deeper discounts, we're probably not the right fit. There is one really important stipulation... we can't have any products from our Ancestral Supplements' line listed on Amazon, no matter what. As such, we require written acknowledgment back (email is fine) with something simple like "we will never list your products on any Amazon marketplace."

We provide a 25% wholesale adjustment on case shipments (20 or more products that can be mixed) as long as we can ship to a non-residential business address and receive a signature at delivery. You can see our retail prices and in-stock availability here. And yes, we ship internationally, every day!

Bear in mind that we produce one small batch at a time to ensure a higher standard. The downside is that we tend to run out of popular products from time to time but generally re-stock every few weeks. If we're sold out of any items, let us know and we'll send you a one-time email notification to alert you of the fresh batch. If your customers end up loving one of our products (this has been known to happen), consider keeping some extra bottles on hand for times we sell out.

If we should set up your wholesale account, please also include your EIN and/or professional license number. USA customers only: In order for us to remain in compliance with new sales tax laws, you will also have to provide us with a copy of the sales tax permit for your business. 

If you are ready to go, you can sign up for an account here... and the wholesale team will get back to you with an approval right away!

NOTE: No double-dipping. That means that wholesale accounts will not be allowed to sign up for affiliate accounts as well. If you find a way to "game" the system, we'll find out (we always do) and there will be consequences — including banishment. Just play fair, help spread the healing message and everybody wins.